What are the most influential factors that are related to the use of computers by teachers in classroom instruction? Understanding and defining computer use is the first and most important requirement of the study. Understanding and defining the factors related to computer use, as found in the literature, is the next charge. A search of the literature about computer use suggests some major factors are attitudes, access, training, support, and characteristic of individuals. The review will consist of six areas of discussion: computer use, attitudes, access, training, support, and characteristics of teachers. The purpose of this study was to determine the extent to which the following factors predict computer use by teachers in classroom instruction: attitudes of teachers toward computers in the classroom, access by teachers and students to computers, training of teachers in computer use, support of teachers in their use of computers, age of the teacher, Class level in which the teacher teaches, curriculum area in which the teacher teaches, gender of the teacher, and number of years the teacher is from retirement. Computer use was measured in five ways: over-all computer use and use in drill and practice, whole class instruction, student-directed learning, and computer skills instruction.

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