Intelligence is considered as the capacity to think, understand, learn and decided, but it is more than it. The Indian philosophers were the first to contemplate about intelligence. According to ancient Indian philosophers, the inner self of man has three parts mind intelligence and ego.  Among them, the mind functions as a coordinator  between external senses and intelligence, due to co-ordination of the mind , external senses become active and due to it the intelligence becomes active. According to them the knowledge received by the senses reaches the intelligence. The intelligence orders it and attaches it to the ego, and finally renders it to the vital body, where it is retained. Whenever the human beings needs this knowledge his intelligence delivers it from the vital body to the mind and mind makes the human being  active accordingly. However, the medical surgeons could not find out the physical existence of the intelligence as yet because it has not a Physical existence of its own like external senses. It is such a creation  made of fine tissues which the ancient Indian sages could see and understand by their insight and intuition. The modern scholars are unable to experiment this fact and verify it, so they do not accept intelligence in this form.

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