Mishings had a developed culture and had good links with the plains people and had a good skill in farming techniques. So they produced paddy in their fields while other tribes still lived on plundering other villages of other tribes.  Mostly, Mishing villages were attacked and looted, as Mishing villages were prosperous. But, slowly Mishings started migrating to the plains of Assam. That completely shattered livelihoods of other Tani Tribes. So they started hating the Mishings and created many legends like Mishings were their subordinates, slaves who fled to plains! Mishings, on the other hand, started exploiting the Hill tribes after they settled in the plains of Assam.    They acted as middle men between other Assamese community and the hill tribes. Many people opine that that is how Misings were referred as ‘Miri’s which means middle men in Assamese. Since Mishings came into contact with civilised society in plains of Assam, they have become more civilised than other Tani tribes and much before. So, their population also grew so much that now they outnumber all other Tani tribes population put together. Mishings are now the second largest tribal community in Assam. Presently their dresses are very popular in Assam. You may see them in all Assamese VCDs, films, Bihu dances! Many educated professionals have emerged in recent times and are doing well in every sphere.

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