Social customs and traditions play a vital role in the cultural life of an ethnic group. There are customs and traditions with core values which a tradition bound society can afford to do away with even under the most adverse situations. But the customs and traditions with superficial or periphery values are always subjects to change since they can hardly stand the rapid changes specially brought about by modern scientific advancement. Insight knowledge of the social customs and traditions having core values of an ethnic group is a must for administrators as well as developmental personnel working in the tribal areas. Such knowledge is very much helpful to researchers and others with an inquisitive mind.  Development of Deoris economically and socially, lies in the growth of the economy in the Agriculture and allied sectors. This has to be supplemented by small-scale industrialization concentrating in items of comparative advantage. The development has to take into consideration- the markets of the hinterland areas of Arunachal Pradesh comprising of the districts of East Siang, West Siang, Subansiri and Pakumpare.

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