Learning can be immensely gratifying, but studying usually involves hard work. The first step towards effective study habits is to face up to this reality. One need not feel guilty if one doesn’t look forward to studying. Once an individual accepts the premise that studying doesn’t come naturally, it should be apparent that one needs to set up an organized programme to promote adequate study. Learning how to study is really a long-term process. As one goes on studying, one finds more techniques and methods that offer new information leading one on an interesting and successful direction. So, learning how to study or to develop good study habits is a lifelong process, and one should be ready to modify one’s method of study according to the need of the time. The development of good study habits is the highway to the goals of an individual, whatever they are. A simple, small change in study habits makes a big difference in goal setting and organization of one’s life. The success of an individual depends upon his study habits. Education is the manifestation of perfection already existing in man. The tool enabling this manifestation is study habits.

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