Aims and Scope


The Journal is intended to provide perspectives on topics relevant to research in the field of education, humanities and social sciences. The changing educational scenario and the advent of digital teaching methods have necessitated a educational journal to cater to the needs of society, education scholars, research scholars, academician, teacher educators and social activist. Its publication aims to contribute to the development of theory and practice of new teaching method. The journal will accept academically robust papers, articles, case studies, book reviews that contribute to the area of research in education and sociology.

Open Access Journal

It is a scholarly open access journal that offers an Open Access platform to the scholars, academicians, educators and students that are keen in contributing their findings in this field. The Open Access Journals follows the Creative Commons Attribution License and Scholars Open Access publishing policies. It follows a progressive editorial policy that encourage researchers to submit the original research, reviews and editorial observations as articles, well supported by tables and graphic representation.


It is an academic journal, which provides an integrative view of educational thinking, empirical research studies and social issues in the Indian and global context and aims at bringing together academicians & practicing managers. It aims at publishing papers which advance knowledge through research on contemporary educational and social issues and cases in functional areas of humanities, teaching, social sciences, human behavior, operations management, information technology, new strategies as also macro issues of globalization. This is a biannual journal published every year in January-June, July-December. The journal tries to maintain a balance between purely research-oriented papers and those based on social articles in different areas of education and arts.


To serve society by creating a quality learning environment which is committed to creative, innovative and value based learning.