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Scientific approaches which expresses itself mission to make and connect an incentive to in a tendency understudy accomplishment smothers any member of a  portion of the very components that motivate such accomplishment. The eventual fate of evaluation and the changing ideal models that will shape it, the tireless prevailing pretended with the learning educating stepped to the significance of learning Science.

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Graph theory has turned out to be especially helpful to countless differing fields. The energizing and quickly developing zone of diagram hypothesis is full of hypothetical outcomes and of addition applications to realistic problem  seen in the world. With the expanding significance of the PC, there has been a noteworthy development far from the previously used old methods and toward courses on discrete arithmetic, including graph theory.

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Teacher is the topmost academic and professional person in educational pyramid. As is the teacher so is the nation. Effectiveness of the teacher education program raises the quality of education. Quality of education plays important role in the process of development of nations. Hence, quality concerns in education and nation priorities for all nations .Quality of an institution or a program is generally considered on the basis of placement of its products. Various factors that affect quality are- finance, sincerity of faculty, students and students and management, skills which are helpful for improving quality of teacher education.

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This represents the secondary data related to the subject in consideration that is collected from various sources. Some of the main sources are ―Quality of Life of Urban Working Women‖ by Mala Bhandari, Abhijeet Publications‖, IIPS website, World Bank website and UN website. Since the economic reforms in the 1990s women have been streaming into urban workforce, initially as Government office employees and eventually in the booming service sectors and in professional jobs. In the last fifteen years, the number of women in total workforce has doubled not only because they have realized a world outside the four walls of the house, but also due to economic necessity. While some people have accepted the changing roles of women, some still continue to criticize their work for opposing the ‗natural order‘. Women are always primarily seen as a home maker irrespective of whether they are working or not. The term ‗working mother‘ is not applicable since the mothers keep working round the clock at home as well, even if unemployed. The decision to choose their career belongs solely to these women as per their wish and these choices should be supported by the families.

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Education plays a very important role in natural and harmonious development of man’s innate powers and contributes towards the complete development of the individual. The performance of the child during his journey to attain education is impacted by various factors including home environment etc. Home Environment influences the child’s ability to attain the education. Home Environment is therefore considered as a key variable which has been responsible for success or failure of child development as well as attainment of the education. The present study was conducted to analyse the effects of home environment on the performance of students in mathematics in secondary schools. The sample of 500 students of senior secondary schools of Noida and Greater Noida were randomly selected. A scale “Home Environment Inventory” (HEI) developed by Mishra was used to measure the Psycho-Social climate of home as perceived by children. The findings revealed that there was a significant difference among various dimensions of home-environment. Data analysis for the mean scores suggested that the students who perceive their psycho – social climate to be very high or high feel that their home – environment is rewarding, protective, permissive, controlling, punishing and has a provision for conformity. As per data analyses, the students who perceive their home – environment to be very high score exceptionally well in mathematics. Stepwise regression suggested that out of 10 factors of home environment only four are main predictors of performance. These four factors are Control, Permissiveness, Punishing and Nurturance. Students who have psycho-social home environment like controlling, punishing, nurturance and permissiveness are better to perform well in studies. Keywords: education, home environment, performance, mathematics

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Contemporary Literary Theory is not a single thing but a collection of theoretical approaches which are marked by a number of premises, although not all of the theoretical approaches share or agrees on all of them.
Meaning is assumed to be created by difference, not by ―presence‖, (that is, identity with the object of meaning). As the revisionist Freudian Jacques Lacan remarks, a sign signals the absence of that which it signifies. Signs do not directly represent the reality to which they refer, but (following the linguistics of Ferdinand de Saussure) mean by difference from other words in a concept set. All meaning is only meaning in reference to, and in distinction from, other meanings; there is no meaning in any stable or absolute sense. Meanings are multiple, changing, contextual.

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The subject value education has come to acquire increasing prominence in educational discussions at all levels during recent times in our country. The issue has been projected as one of national priority in the National Educational Policy (NPE), 1986. The Policy declares: “the growing concern over the erosion of essential values and an increasing cynicism in society has brought to focus the need for readjustments in the curriculum in order to make education a forceful tool for the cultivation of social and moral values”. According to National Curriculum for Primary and Secondary Education (1985), the crisis of values our society is passing through “demands more explicit and deliberate educational efforts towards value development”. The first term of reference for the National Commission on Teachers (1983) was “to lay down clear objectives for the teaching profession with reference to the search for excellence, breadth of vision and cultivation of values”. The Working Group to review teachers training programmes in the light of the need for value orientation (WG) set up by the Government of India in 1983 recommended for the inclusion of a value education component in the teacher education programme besides spelling out details of curriculum, methodology and teachers role without value education real civilization of society is impossible.

Keywords:- Prominence, National Educational Policy, Cynicism, Explicit and Deliberate, National Commission on Teachers.

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The greatest challenge for Business education is the need for agility of youth going hand in hand with ability of elders in pursuit of excellence of the wisdom. Remembering the future has become as important as not forgetting the past. Education is the process of hope creation and hope construction of teaching, learning and managing Education. Business education is witnessing a well-guarded scrutiny from all the stakeholders. The B-Schools are regularly criticized for its irrelevance to the real world business practices. There is a widening gap between the academia and the business. Umpteen models are developed to enhance the effectiveness of business education; very few B-Schools really have reached the milestone by executing them. In realistic world, markets are changing faster than marketing and there is pause in the sync between business strategies of the classroom and boardroom strategies of realistic corporate world. In this dynamic world of business knowledge and its wisdom to apply in realistic terms are waning. There is greater demand to proactively adopt quality benchmarks for effective performance of teachers with great substance. This can be achieved by inherently having certain requisite elements, which enhances the teachers’ effectiveness.

Keywords: Teacher Performance, Quality, Subject Knowledge, Feedback, Higher Learning, Business Education

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Psychology students are expected to have high introspective needs which may be one of the reasons for their choice of subject as psychology at college and higher education levels. It is not known whether there are any differences in self-focus of undergraduate students depending on their choice of majors. The present study was conducted to investigate the differences in self-focus across disciplines in undergraduate students. The data was collected from 110 participants, 60 males and 64 females, with mean age of 19.65 years. The disciplines included Psychology, Medical, Education, Engineering, Biotechnology, and Forensic Science. The data was collected using Self-focus Sentence Completion Test (SFSC) and was scored by two raters. The results indicated that Psychology students had higher self-focus than all the other disciplines, Engineering students had significantly higher negative self-focus and affective external focus, while students of medical had higher external focus. The study concludes that self-focus varies across students of different disciplines. It is difficult to suggest the causal relations here. Students from engineering were found to have most affective responses to self and tend to invalidate their own experiences. This may be due to being engaged in too mechanistic pursuits. Students of psychology are more oriented towards self-focusing behaviors.

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