Mission statements play a vital role in any university system, more especially in the strategic planning of the universities. Conducting this study through content analysis allowed the researchers to deconstruct the mission statements of selected five state universities in the CALABRAZON Region of the Philippines.

Findings reveal major themes which emerged from the analysis. These themes were construed by the researchers as vital elements in crafting university mission statements:  description, role, objectives, strategies, and graduate outcomes of the universities. Three universities declared their commitment to do their mission. Major roles of the universities are to serve as producers, providers and nurturers. Universities vary in their objectives but are mostly similar in strategizing for the areas of instruction, research, extension, and production activities to meet specific objectives.

Overall, mission statements still differ from one another even if their thrusts might be similar in ways to respond to their clientele and mandate of their university charter. These objectives and strategies were deemed aligned and fundamental in conceptualizing the strategic educational management plans of the universities.

Keywords: University Mission, Content Analysis, Mission Statements, Strategic Educational Management, Writing Mission Statements.

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