This study explored the learning space needs of library customers at Carlos Hilado Memorial State College-Alijis (CHMSC-A) as basis for a proposed customer-centered library spaces. Researcher-made questionnaire was used to determine the learning space needs of the library customer based on the Learning Space Attributes of Cunningham and Tabur. Percentage was used to determine the respondents profile in terms of number of hours spend in the library per week, department they belong, status and reasons for using the library. Weighted mean was also used to determine the importance of learning space attributes which determine the respondents learning space needs. Chi-square was also used to determine the significant relationship between the respondents profile and learning space needs. The result of this study indicated that library customers regarded comfort and image, uses and activities, and  access and linkages as the most important learning space attributes. Library customers value the library as a place, which can offer an academic ambiance for their work, a forum for engagement with others, and a flexible space that meets their various learning space needs.

Keywords: Academic Library Spaces; Customer-centered Library; Learning Space Attributes; Library Floor Plan; Library Spaces.

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