Republic Act 10121 otherwise known as “Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010 provide a systematic outline to guide implementers a very clear path on disaster preparedness. In November of 2013, Philippines experience typhoon Yolanda, Sagay City was one of the cities who experience this great ordeal of disaster. Thus the purpose of this study was to determine the level of disaster preparedness in the Division of Sagay City as perceived by the school administrators, teachers, and students. The level of disaster preparedness of the participants was determined based on four thematic areas namely: school buildings and facilities, program and project implemented, schools as evacuation centers and teachers and students training. The study was done by sourcing out data from 61 school administrators, 267 teachers and 379 students of the 65 elementary and secondary schools of the Division of Sagay City through a researcher-developed questionnaire which was anchored to the Gawad KALASAG checklist of the Office of the Civil Defense. The questionnaire was supplemented with Focus Group Discussion. Statistical tools employed were frequency and percentage to determine the school profile and mean, used to determine the level of disaster preparedness. To determine the differences among variables t-test and analysis of variance were used. The findings of the study revealed that there is a significant difference on the area of programs and project implemented interpreted based on its mean that younger and older school administrators differ significantly in their perceptions of the level of disaster preparedness of the implementing school. Older administrators implement more programs on disaster preparedness compared to their younger counterpart. Among students, the grade level is significant; it is because that high school student experienced the same level of preparedness when they were in the elementary. While when students are grouped according to the age, the result is not significant in the assessment of the four areas of the level of preparedness.

Keywords: School Disaster Preparedness, School Building, Disaster Facilities, Disaster Program, and Implementation.

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