The prospect of new India is changing rapidly as there is endless use of IT in every business and in every public service. IT upheaval of the country empowered India to become a service economy. India has a favourable demographic payback. But this dividend would turn into a catastrophe if it doesn’t find a way out to enlighten and make her youth skilful. Acknowledging this and also fulfilling the statutory commitment, RTE was made a fundamental right and education schemes like SSA, RMSA etc. were instigated. But still India grapples with the problems of low literacy rates, lack of good quality teachers and hence hampers the way to procure the benefits of our demographic dividend. To revamp the course of educational set up and to reform the shortcomings in the way of an efficient educational system, E-learning has been promoted as the next break through. E-learning is the learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. The present paper attempts to discuss the meaning of E-learning, its position in India and the benefits it can provide to the educational system.

Keywords: E-Learning, Indian Initiatives, Emerging Techniques.

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