This paper talks about ethics in the field of teaching and learning process and English Language Teaching beyond its outdated objectives. Besides LSRW skills, sociability, politeness, self-respect, sympathy, honesty and so on, are also essential in conversation, communication and social life. A new and better world cannot be created if these things are ignored in either a speech or a piece of writing. Creating a new better world should be everyone’s objective or motive. Consequently, it is the objective of English language teachers also. His role comprises the imbibing human morals in student community. The purpose of this paper is to show that human values are sheathed in the objectives of English language teaching. In order to attain the above purpose, the Dialectical Materialistic method is used. This method supports us study and examine the objectives of English language teaching in the light of rationalism and humanism. This method is valuable being used by Karl Marx.

Keywords: Teaching In A New Age, Internationalisation, LSRW Skills, Assimilate Ethics, Unsociable Features In Art And Literature, Quantitative And Qualitative Deviations, Teacher-Centred Etc.

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