There was also a time when it was a sin to hold a pen for women. Writing was thought to be a male bastion only. Woman was the queen of her four walls and a roof under which she could do anything feminine but not writing that was only a masculine task. Mary Shelley’s most popular science fiction Frankenstein was first published anonymously. Mary Ann Evans used the pseudonym George Eliot to write her novels. Robert Southy had told Charlotte Bronte that “literature cannot be the business of women’s life and it ought not to be” (108). The fact that religion, class, race and color do make a vital difference in the condition of women was proved soon. While the white and privileged women of the continent got into limelight by means of their writings, women belonging to third world still had their voice unheard. The second half of twentieth century witnessed a whole galaxy of writers from third world who were ready to speak about heir country and culture.

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