Computer games are the most popular form of entertainment in modern societies today. The researcher observed that there is a problem regarding excess and unhealthy use of playing computers. Based on these observations, the researcher is motivated to conduct a study entitled “Gameaholics: A Closer Look into the Phenomenon of Computer Addiction.” This study highlighted the reasons behind the phenomenon of computer game addiction among the students of Central Philippines State University (CPSU)-Hinigaran Campus for the academic year 2020-2021.

In order for the researcher to know the reasons behind the phenomenon of computer game addiction among the students of CPSU-Hinigaran Campus, the qualitative research design was employed since the objective of this study was to know the reasons behind computer addiction. Moreover, this study applied purposive sampling design since the participants were selected purposively through the set criteria. Specifically, the researcher used one-on-one interview in collaborating, understanding, and investigating the participants’ experiences. Interviews were audio recorded. Thematic approach was used in data analysis. Through thematic analysis, it was found that Spirited: Race to the Top and Escapism: A Shelter from the Storm, Cut-and-Dried, Eyes on the Prize, Thrill and Challenge: Invitation to Addiction were the common theme formed in relation to the objective of this study. Further, the researcher also discovered an additional theme, Fatigue; What I feel, which focused on Physical Exhaustion. This theme surfaced as the participants expressed their reason why they were hooked in computer games too much.

Keywords: Computer, Computer Game Addiction, Gameaholics.

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