The research paper discusses in brief the impact of emotional intelligence on job satisfaction of the employees. The main purpose of this study is to examine the most emotionally intelligent people tends to receive better fulfilment from his or her works, specific running circumstances that help managerial learning. The working conditions of the organisation greatly affect the Emotional intelligence of the employees. If the employees know their own emotion and they are able to manage them they work more efficiently and productively. Besides this employees are also recognizing and appreciating others colleagues emotions as well. Emotionally intelligent people get more satisfaction from their jobs. The other factor that affects job satisfaction and productivity is relations between management and employees. After reviewing the literature it has been analyze that Emotional intelligence is positively correlated with the job satisfaction and productivity. Successful relationship between high administration helps in increasing employee’s performance and organization productivity. It has been noticed that job satisfaction and positive feeling increase desired expansion. There is a need to develop emotional intelligence competencies in persons to improve administrative performance and practices. The emotional intelligence constraints are also important for organization productivity, social awareness, self management and self awareness.


Keywords: Competencies, Job satisfaction, Leadership, Stress, Productivity, Self efficacy

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