Background: Students approximately spend six hours with teachers each day on average, for a hundred and eighty days during a year. Therefore, it originates as not at all amazement that academics have an unlimited quantity of influence on their students. This influence will meaningfully influence the educational surroundings, which in turn, impact on learner’s motivation and achievements.

Aim of the study: The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of teacher-student interactions on student motivation and achievement.

Methodology: Descriptive cross sectional correlation study method. Questionnaire on Teacher interaction and Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire was used to measure the variables. Random sampling technique was used in this study. Data was collected from faculty members and students of Lahore school of nursing, and Department of physiotherapy, University of Lahore. The sample size for this study was 217 in which 20 participants were faculty member and 197 participants were students.

Results: This study was to analyze a statistically vital correlation between teacher-student interactions and student motivation. Teachers take the time to make positive relationships then students ought to or are going to be able to develop the need for fulfillment. The strength or perception of positive teacher- student interaction ran parallel with student motivation.

Keywords: Impact of Teacher Student Interaction, Student Achievement, Student Motivation.

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