Background and Objective:  Parental involvement serves as one way of helping a child to overcome the difficulties they are facing in their school life that leads them to have success in school performance. These parental involvement  usually started when they enter the primary years in school where the parent serve as their home based teacher that help them specially when it comes to reading. The objective of the research is to determine the role of the parent- teacher and it’s connection with the reading performance of the students as an effect of the Remedial Reading. It also deals with the capabilities of the parents to serve as a parent teacher for the pupil. Strategies used by the parents were also queried and look for which amongst these is the most effective one in helping the child to have progress in their reading performance.

Methods and Findings: The research designed utilized is qualitative approach. Face to face interview was used to gather data because it allows the researcher to collect enormous information during a short period of time. The face to face interviews provided the parents an opportunity to clarify their responses. Audio recorder was used during the interview in order to clarify the responses. Reading performance of the child were improved upon having parental involvement at home.

Conclusions: Parental involvement in education of their children is a key function of child total functioning as well as their success in reading. Parental involvement practices at home or at school have been found to influence children’s academic performance as well as their reading Performance.  They play dynamic roles in enhancing the reading performance of their child. Thus, it is concluded that every parent found it possible to conduct remedial reading for their child and it show a pronounced impact on the reading performance of the child.


Keywords: Parents, Teacher, Remedial Reading.

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