Education of children with special needs has a long way, from special education to integrated education and from integrated education to inclusive education .One of the greatest problem the world is facing today is the growing number of persons who are excluded from the meaningful partnership in the economic, political and cultural life of their communities. Such a society is neither efficient nor safe. Inclusive education can be seen as a stepping stone for a future inclusion society and it is a process of addressing and responding to the diverse needs of all children youth and adults through increasing participation in learning cultures and communities and reducing the exclusion within and from education. The integration of students with disabilities into the regular educational setting as regular class students has become the concern of educators, governments and the society at large. A limited understanding of the concept, disability, negative attitudes towards persons with disabilities and a hardened impeding inclusive education. The paper tries to explain the scenario of inclusive education in India along with policies legal frame work and the role of teachers in inclusive setting.

Keywords: Integration, Inclusive Education, Innovation.

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