Background and Objective: Entering the academe is a challenging and stressful situation for all students especially to LGBTs. The academic wellbeing of students can be affected by several factors.

Methods and Findings: This qualitative study explore the issues and concerns of the academic wellbeing of the LGBT students in the university. The target population are college students who are the generation Z and now at ages 18-23 years old. The researcher came up with two major experiences to delineate the students’ academic experiences Issues and concerns affecting academic wellbeing identified four (4) themes and nine sub-themes and respondents perceptions on how school authorities address their issues and concerns.

Conclusion: There were issues and concerns identified pertaining to academic bullying. The types of bullying were more of the verbal assault, non-touching physical discrimination, and insensitivity of others.

Keywords: LGBT, Academic Wellbeing, Verbal Bullying, Discrimination Practices.

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