The purpose of this paper is to explore college students’ perspectives of social equality and equity in Indian higher education system in the present-day context. This study is undertaken to examine the factors leading to inequalities in different dimensions of higher education and to suggest ways to promote equality and fairness in the future. The participants of study included students studying in final year undergraduate programmes of science, commerce, arts and interdisciplinary studies in different colleges across north, south and central Mumbai. The research was designed using a qualitative phenomenological approach. Data were collected through in-depth individual interviews and focus group discussions. The study findings revealed that the majority of students were of the opinion that higher education institutions should have well analysed and researched admission criteria rather than maintaining the traditional system. The students emphasized the utmost need to have merit and economic standing as sole criterion for admission to university education in order to ensure equity and fairness in educational opportunities. Additionally, higher education must prioritize equal distribution of educational opportunities to all members of society, particularly for those students who are living in rural parts of the country.


Keywords: Higher Education, Equality and Equity, Perspectives.

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