This research entitled, “Learning Outcomes in Basic Sewing through Instructional Videos” was conducted to find out the effectiveness of instructional videos in improving the Basic Sewing Performance of 104 first year students of St. Joseph School- La Salle, school year 2011-2012 utilizing the Quasi-Experimental research design. The Instructional Videos and Lecture-Demonstration teaching methods were implemented as interventions. Additionally, the video was divided into three parts namely basic tools and materials in sewing, basic hand stitches, and Eco-bag making. Each video starts with a short introduction, review of the previous sewing topic/activity, and lesson proper on basic sewing topics basing from the course syllabus. Safety and proper work habits were also integrated in the video as additional reminder to students to always observe safety while doing their sewing activities and project. A researcher-made achievement test was used consisting of 30-item test that measures students’ ability in basic sewing tools, materials, hand stitches and Eco-bag making topics. The achievement test is designed to measure the learning outcomes of the students. The results in the pretest and post test of the students in the Achievement Test were the bases for evaluation of the effectiveness of the two teaching approaches. It showed that improvement in the students’ Basic Sewing performance was evident after the implementation of the interventions in each group however, the group under the Instructional Videos instruction showed great improvement in the achievement test in contrast with the performance of Lecture-Demonstration method group. Taking into account the results of the study, the use of instructional videos is proven to be effective in raising basic sewing performance of students.

Keywords: Instructional Videos, Sewing, Learning Outcomes, Quasi-Experimental Research

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