Feminism has played a significant role in shaping the Indian – English novel. Since it came rather late in India, has spread its wings in all spheres of Indian-English Literature. Feminism is a voice of suppressed and down­trodden woman. The feelings of anxiety, aversion and boredom have been part of feminism. The present section aims at clarifying the concept of womanhood (feminism) as it emerges from the works of eminent Indian writers in English. A consistent picture of the changing social realities has been presented and it is still being tabled by the Indian-English novels. The writers who appeared in Indian-English literary scene are of great importance. They gave birth to a new era which held out for the Indian woman opportunities for a dynamic participation in social life. Indian-English novelists, especially women novelists have made themselves as a significant entity by making the novel itself an instrument of social reform. They have sociological and reformist motivation with their invariable theme that is woman.

Keywords: Self-fulfillment, Self-expression.

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