William Shakespeare happens to be the greatest writer of the world.  He is called the Bard of Avon.  He is a great playwright and poet.  His 37 plays include his tragedies, tragi-comedies, histories (covering Roman plays), sonnets, and comedies. The present play focuses on his fine drafting of upholding the language. The essential spirit of the play ‘Twelfth Night’ is captured in its title. The world of Twelfth Night is one of comedy and comic excess; and among all of the characters in the play, it is the drunken, misbehaving and prankish Sir Toby Belch who epitomizes its humorous nature.  In Twelfth Night, despite the festive spirit of the play, Shakespeare invites his audience to notice certain problematic aspects of the story. Reductively, the theme of Twelfth Night is the joy and pain of love. The play was written in Shakespeare’s older years and he attempts to see love for all that is both good and bad about it. This may explain why Twelfth Night has a subtitle, What You Will (the only play that has one, between). Twelfth Night explores a variety of themes and issues. The major theme of celebration and festivity was prevalent in all of the sources from which Shakespeare drew.

Keywords: Dramatic Techniques of Shakespeare, Historical Material of Shakespeare, Shakespearean Theme, Shakespearean’s Doctrine of Love, Twelfth Night or What You Will is as a Comedy.

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