The closure of educational institutes due to COVID-19 outbreak interrupted the regular classroom teaching and forced them to opt for virtual mode of teaching and learning. The point of composing this paper was to understand the effectiveness of online learning during this ongoing pandemic and to know the teacher’s feelings about this uncertain situation. This research study aims to identify the attitude of the teachers towards online teaching during this pandemic. For the purpose of this article, the approach embraced was descriptive survey. The quantitative data was collected through self designed online questionnaire; using convenience sampling technique, which has fetched 350 responses across Punjab. The sample comprised of higher educational institutes teachers who were using e-learning methods to teach their students amid this lockdown phase. The suitable statistical tools have been utilized to analyze the data. The results suggested that most of the teachers were already well versed with digital teaching tools but still they felt that in order to effectively teach their own particular subjects online they require some guidance. In the end it is recommended that teacher to teacher collaboration can help teachers in addressing the concerns of online learning gaps experienced by their students in times of this crisis.


Keywords: Covid-19, Online Learning, Perceptions, Online Learning Gaps.

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