This represents the secondary data related to the subject in consideration that is collected from various sources. Some of the main sources are ―Quality of Life of Urban Working Women‖ by Mala Bhandari, Abhijeet Publications‖, IIPS website, World Bank website and UN website. Since the economic reforms in the 1990s women have been streaming into urban workforce, initially as Government office employees and eventually in the booming service sectors and in professional jobs. In the last fifteen years, the number of women in total workforce has doubled not only because they have realized a world outside the four walls of the house, but also due to economic necessity. While some people have accepted the changing roles of women, some still continue to criticize their work for opposing the ‗natural order‘. Women are always primarily seen as a home maker irrespective of whether they are working or not. The term ‗working mother‘ is not applicable since the mothers keep working round the clock at home as well, even if unemployed. The decision to choose their career belongs solely to these women as per their wish and these choices should be supported by the families.

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