The adolescent males are partners to the phenomenon of adolescent pregnancy, yet there is no current intervention found to address their concerns. In this research, qualitative research design was used to understand the challenges experienced by the adolescent fathers and the ways they have coped with these challenges. No current data shows the population of the adolescent fathers, yet some pregnant adolescents identified some partners who are also adolescents themselves. The researcher started from two (2) participants who are enrolled in the state college, utilizing purposive sampling at this stage and the participants identified more enrolled adolescent fathers, which started the snowball sampling, thus coming up to the eight participants. The researcher made use of an unstructured interview guide to identify the challenges experienced by the adolescent fathers and the coping they have employed to overcome these challenges. From their responses, two main themes were identified for their challenges, which are: societal and personal challenges. The societal challenges include: family affairs, girlfriends (now life partners) and their fears of judgment. Their personal challenges include: financial and baby worries, the need for “me” time and student blues. Their coping manifest two themes: avoidant/emotion-focused coping and proactive/problem-focused coping, which include: budgeting, appease and communicate and acceptance. The results of this research will be made a basis for implementing a program for the deterrence of adolescence pregnancy and fatherhood.

Keywords: Challenges, Adolescent Pregnancy, Coping.

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