Peace and non-violence are very important. Even we have all amenities but there is lack of peace so we cannot feel comfortable. Peace is not only absence of non-violence but have a feeling of compassion forwards each other. Gandhiji was famous because he believes in a culture of high morals. There is a close relation between religion and science. Many theories of science have a common bonding with the theories of religion. It is very essential to establish harmony between the people. Gandhiji has said that the aim of education is not only to develop vocational efficiency but to make a person a good human. Students along with modernity should understand ancient Indian culture. Students should also understand the perception and views of others and utilize them in the world of mutual transfer of understanding.

In order to patch the differences between people a spirit of brotherhood, love and empathy should prevail. We have created boundaries on basis of economic, social, political grounds which give rise to so many problems. Geographical barriers created by God have immense beauty and benefits. In modern times Information and communication technology can play an important role to maintain good relationship between people. It provides the platform to people to express themselves in a healthy way and remove differences. This paper throws light on relationship between science and religion, Gandhiji’s views about education, his philosophy of life, how information and communication can help to maintain peace etc.

Keywords: Peace, NonViolence, Religion.

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