Indian women are still trying to establish their own identity. Even today in 21st Century, females in our country are not able to take stand for themselves. A society, which does not allow’ a girl to do something simple as primary education, is unlikely to let her participate in sport without any hurdles. There are some problems faced daily by Indian girls like education (deprivation), sexual harassment, old fashioned customs, sponsorship problems, lack of good coaches, social morality etc. Regular participation in activities improves the wellness of women and a lot of other benefits. Our primary responsibility is to promote physical activity in girls especially in the Primary phase of schooling. We have provided better environment, involvement of parents, change attitude, better facilities, incentives and fair selection process to improve the participation of Indian women in physical activity. Motor activity does not develop the physical potency only but also mental and emotional capabilities of girls.

Keywords: Women Empowerment, Physical Activities.

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